The Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries (CPLP) remembers the role of Wu Zhiwei in supporting Portuguese companies in China.

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The news that he had donated more than 200,000 masks purchased in China to Portugal when COVID-19 hit here, spread through all media. During the pandemic, he was the first Portuguese businessman to provide personal protective equipment to all Portuguese diplomatic missions in China, now highlights the president of the Business Confederation of the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries (CE-CPLP), recording the role played by the CPLP delegate in “supporting the opening of the first CE-CPLP delegation in China through Macau, and in creating conditions for companies in this universe to access this strategic market in a more efficient, understandable, and secure way.”

Wu Zhiwei died on January 2, 2024.

“We Portuguese who have a privileged presence in these regions of the world must know how to capture, become partners, and direct even more investment from China to Portugal,” he argued in an interview with NOVO in the summer of 2021. “The majority of the 180,000 Portuguese in Macau do not speak the language, but they feel and have within them the culture and the unique way of being and being Portuguese that distinguishes us culturally from the populations in the Greater China region. This is the result of 500 years of harmonious coexistence,” he stressed then.

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A personality of great prominence in the business world of Macau, Wu Zhiwei was president of the Quinta da Marmeleira Group, in Alenquer, “a renowned jeweler through Tin Min Jade, a philanthropist who promoted culture in Portugal, Macau and China, a shareholder of the Portuguese Institute of the Orient at the Portuguese Consulate General in Macau, of the Camões Institute, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Portugal, benefactor of the Fomento and Mira Rio colleges, Liga dos Combatentes, Associação dos Comandos and extraordinary member of this same institution,” it is remembered, recalling also his role in the associative plan, having held the vice-presidencies of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Luso-Chinese and PORCHAM – Chamber of Commerce of Portugal in China, in addition to his place in the Macau Commercial Association. In November 2023, he received the “One Belt, One Road” Business Merit Award at the VIII Gala of the CCILC.

In a condolence note, Nelma Fernandes, president of the CE-CPLP, recalls “a man of great value, concerned with the well-being of people and always committed to the causes he embraced,” considering his loss “invaluable”, even though “his mission and legacy” continue to have “an important role in building the Community”.