For those searching for outstanding wine experiences, Alenquer is a renowned wine region in Portugal, known for its extensive vineyards and production of high quality wines .

The region has over 8.000 hectares of vineyards, asserting itself as one of the five municipalities with the largest area of wine cultivation, producing about 250.000 hl of wine per year.

The mild climate, with the Montejunto mountain range protecting the land from the Atlantic winds and the proximity to the sea are differentiating elements that contribute to the excellency of wine production.

The wine history of Alenquer is linked to the traditional grape varieties planted in the area, whose combination of indigenous grape varieties and international markets results in the production of a diverse range of wines.

The tradition of aromatic white wines, full, creamy and persistent in flavor and of balanced reds, with a certain spiciness, lively and bright, has awarded Alenquer the Denomination of Controlled Origin (DOC).