Located about 40km from Lisbon, Quinta da Marmeleira is an oasis of nature and the history of wine in Portugal, which preserves the authenticity and past of the entire region.

The  green region in which it operates, in the Tejo River valley, provides the ideal climate for the production of excellent wine, resulting from the combination of the Atlantic breeze, the Alentejo’s heat and the Ribatejo’s cold o.

Quinta da Marmeleira is distinguished by the high quality of its soils, or terroir, whose clay and limestone properties rival one of the most famous wine regions in the world – Bordeaux.

In 2015, the farm was acquired by businessman Wu Zhiwei, from Macau, a wine connoisseur who strives to leave a mark on the region and on the wine market. There is great ambition and the Quinta da Marmeleira project is designed for the long term, with a view to creating an international reference brand in wines and also in the hotel industry.

To provide Quinta da Marmeleira with the conditions to produce quality wines, new vines of Touriga, Syrah, Alicante Bouschet, among others, were planted. The work of a renowned Portuguese oenologist allowed the placement of the vines according to the elevation, soil types and sun exposure, in order to obtain harvests of excellence.

The work of preparing the vines and the oenological study included the most appreciated characteristics in what will be the main export market – China – where consumers value wine’s structure and color of the Bordeaux style, which combines warmth and softness.