Quinta da Marmeleira

Quinta da Marmeleria, is located at Alenquer, named as the "Capital of European Red Wines" in Lisbon, Portugal. Here you can look around for thousands of miles and enjoy the beauty of nature. Its undulating mountains and mild climate make the grapes uniform in color and superior in quality. The professional and technical team keeps improving and producing prestige wines.  


A large number of grape varieties are planted through a professional team: Touriga Nacional, Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, etc. Our team carefully plan the location of each vine to match the superior geographical environment and climate, and produce high quality grapes.


Quinta da Marmeleira is planning construct a magnificent hotel and resort. There are more than 100 suites, meeting rooms, wine tasting houses, multi-functional movie theaters, outdoor swimming pools and kids’ playgrounds. Visitors can enjoy the mixture of natural scenery and long historical buildings.